To Celebrate our 1 year Anniversary, The No Diploma Academy Invited 18 of its classmates to take part of a class photoshoot. For this editorial we gathered a group of eclectic individuals who have been supporting the brand and gave them an opportunity to network, share and document their stories. Academically, when taking the unconventional path you lose a sense of community and belonging. It can feel isolating and difficult to cope with the immense societal pressures. Despite these expectations, our vision expresses the inclusivity of these like-minded people. As a small faculty team of self-taught-individuals, we strive to build a platform that welcomes all students of life. We are a community driven by personal growth and finding our own truths. This shoot is a quintessential expression of our core purpose. We are here to speak for the unheard, the misfits, and the dropouts. 
We are No Diploma Academy,
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